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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

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Battery Port Tester A4597

MacBook Pro 13-Inch

Mac: A1502 2013-2015

Battery: A1493, A1582

MacBook Pro retina 13"

Battery Port Tester A4596

MacBook Pro 15-Inch

Mac: A1398 2013-2015

Battery: A1417, A1494, A1686

MacBook Pro retina 15"

Battery Simulator / Battery Port Tester / Known Good Battery

The CMIzapper Battery Simulator is an easy to use tool to see many interesting things about a Mac motherboard you are working on.

It does two things:

1- It 'pretends' to be a battery. Essentially it is a 'Known Good' Battery. So no need to connect a real, bulky, expensive and vulnerable battery wile repairing. Many Macs will not power-on without a battery, and many (≥ 2011) will run at 1/4 speed without a battery. Plugging in the CMIzapper Battery Port Tester is much easier and safer than using a real (Apple) battery.

2- The tester has many LEDs that give you useful information about what is and what is not working on the Mac motherboard.

It shows if the SMC is alive and running.

It shows if the charger controller (ISL) is alive and running by communicating with it.

It shows you if the Mac is trying to charge the 'battery'.

It shows if the charging voltage is dangerously high (plus the speaker will bleep to warn you).

If there is a problem with the I2C bus itself it will tell you the problem.

It can also be connected to the Medusa in Listener mode. The display of the Medusa will show even more information:

The charging voltage supplied by the Mac

The value of System Presence Detect resistor R6950. This resistor in the Mac tells the battery to talk to the Mac.


Different Macs will need different versions of this board.

You will have to connect the plug from an old battery of the appropriate model.

Price 85 euro (mount your own battery plug)

(free shipping by registered mail)


The instruction for this product are HERE.

Battery Port Tester A4598

MacBook Pro Unibody 15" old style

Mac: A1286 2009-2010

Battery: A1321

MacBook Unibody 13"

MacBook Unibody 15"

MacBook Unibody 17"

Battery Port Tester A4601

MacBook Pro Unibody 17" old style

Mac: A1297 2009-2010

Battery: A1309

Battery Port Tester A4586

MacBook Unibody

Mac: A1278 2009-2012

Battery: A1322

MacBook White Unibody

Mac: A1342 2009-2010

Battery: A1331

Battery Port Tester A4586

MacBook Unibody 17" new style

Mac: A1297 2011

Battery: A1383

Battery Port Tester A4586

MacBook Unibody 15" new style

Mac: A1297 2011-2012

Battery: A1382

MacBook Air 13" (2010-2017)

Battery Port Tester A4593

MacBook Air 13-Inch

Mac: A1369 2010-2011

Mac: A1466 2012-2017

Battery: A1377, A1405, A1496

Sold without the battery plug. You will have to take the plug from an old (dead) battery.

Price: 50 Euro (special offer!) including shipping

MacBook Air 13" Retina

Battery Port Tester A4600

MacBook Air 13-Inch

Mac: A1932 2018-2019 820-01521

Mac: A2179 Early 2020 820-01958

A2337 MacBook Air M1


With PMIC check! On those models that have an intelligent PMIC (820-01958), a LED will light green to show if the PMIC is alive.

MacBook Pro 2017-

Battery Port Tester A4602

For models where the battery attaches with a tiny flex and a big screw.

Mac: A1706 A1707 A1708

Mac: A2159 820-01598

With PMIC check! On those models that have an intelligent PMIC, a LED will light green to show if the PMIC is alive.