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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

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Pentalobe screwdrivers

Not much neads to be said about these.

If you repair Apple the you will have encountered Pentalobe screws. A special Apple invention to, well, screw you...

If you have to only open one Mac once feel free to buy some Chinese rubbish. If you open up lots of Macs, or it is important to you that the screws aren't destroyed then buy these PB-Swiss (made in Switserland) or Wiha (made in Germany) screwdrivers.

Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver size PL1 (iFixit calls this P2) iPhone 4 (Late), 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus

Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver size PL2 Apple Watch Band

Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver size PL3

Pentalobe Screwdriver (PB Swiss Tools - Made in Switserland) size 1.2mm / P5 / PL4

Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver size PL5 (iFixit calls this P6) MacBook Pro (2009) Battery - 15” only

Sensitive working through slim handle form and rotating cap.

Unique concept of screwdriver handle sizing for an optimum balance between precision and control.

Wiha Pentalobe Screwdriver size PL6

Pentalobe Screwdriver (Made in China) size 1.2mm / PL4 / P5

(20 euro)

(10 euro)

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On orders above 100 euro we will pay for the shipping.

10 euro

Pentalobe Screwdriver size 1.2mm / P5 / PL4

To open: MacBook Air, MacBook A1534 and MacBook Pro with Retina Display

(20 euro)

(20 euro)

(20 euro)

(20 euro)