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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

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Just the USB-C Adapter

Only buy this if you have a CMIzapper Brutus already.

Quantity: 1 (60 EURO)

CMIzapper Brutus

The Brutus is our brute force EFI PIN code finder. The tool you need when you forgot your EFI PIN and locked yourself out of your Mac.

It is incredibly easy to use. Just plug it in and forget about it. Once it has found the code it will let you know.

Suitable for 4 digit and 6 digit PIN codes. Scanning all 4-digit codes takes up to 2 days. Sanning for a 6-digit code takes up to 200 days. The Brutus will NOT find alphanumeric codes.

It knows that it has found the code and will show it on it's LCD display. No baby-sitting the device or messing about with cameras. Supports all models of Mac from 2006 to 2017 (i.e. all models with Intel CPU)! Not suitable for 2018 or later with T2 or M1 chip.


The CMIzapper Brutus has adjustable settings. This enables it to tackle all kinds of Macs, new and old.

There are 5 DIP switches to set the options you want:

Try 4 digit PIN or 6 digit PIN codes. Running all the 4 digit codes takes about 2 days. Running all the 6 digit codes takes 200 days, so this is maybe less realistic... But for those people willing to wait the option is there.

Count up from 0000 or down from 9999. With the two buttons you can set a different starting point.

Choose the timing options. Vary the delay between codes, or choose the auto-adjust timing for Macs that increase the delay slowly.

A manual is supplied explaining how to use the CMIzapper Brutus and explaining the use of the switches.


How to use

The CMIzapper Brutus is incredibly easy to use.

Set the 5 DIP switches to an appropriate setting. The manual will explain how. Basically it depends on the model of Mac and if it uses FileVault 2. If you get the settings wrong you run the risk that it will not find the code and that you will have to run it again.

Plug the CMIzapper Brutus into the USB port of the Mac (with the Mac switched off).

Turn on the Mac.

Wait patiently while the CMIzapper Brutus tries the codes one by one. Trying all the 4-digit codes takes 2 days or all 6-digit codes takes 200 days.

It will bleep and show the found code as soon as it finds it, so with a little bit of luck before the 2 or 200 days are up.. The code will remain on the display as long as you do not turn the Mac off or unplug the CMIzapper.

With the unlimited version you can do this as often as you like.

Clear display to see what's going on. Switches for the settings.

Two buttons to have the code jump up a 1000 or down a 1000.

USB cable included.


MacBook 12-inch 'retina' A1534

The CMIzapper Brutus also works on the MacBook 'retina' A1534 models 2015 and 2016.

Because those models have a USB-C connector you need a special adapter cable to make it work.

We sell the special adapters that allow you to connect the CMIzapper Brutus to the MacBook while at the same time still allowing you to connect the MacBook to its power supply so it will not run out of battery power while the CMIzapper Brutus is doing it's thing.

The price for the USB-C adapter (without the Brutus) is 60 EURO including shipping world wide.

Only buy this if you have a CMIzapper Brutus already.


Price is including shipping world wide by registered priority mail.

In most countries it will be trackable. If sent to the USA you can track it on .

CMIzapper Brutus 2 (Unlimited unlocks)

Quantity: 1 (99 EURO)

CMIzapper Brutus 2

+ USB-C Adapter (so it will also work on the A1534)

Quantity: 1 (149 EURO)