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iMac Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor for iMac hard disc replacement (type 2)

For use in iMacs that have THREE plugs going into the hard disk.

Two are the normal SATA plugs, but if there is also a small third plug (with a black and a grey wire) that plugs into the hard disk next to the other SATA plugs then this is the sensor you need.

The small plug plugs into the sensor we are selling here. The black wire on the side marked 'black'. Using the adhesive on the back op the sensor it can be stuck onto the hard drive. When sticking the sensor make sure to place it on a lower part of the drive so that the sensor is not smashed into the LCD panel when closing the iMac back up.

If you just replace the hard disc and ignore the little plug  (or transfer the plug to a different hard disk that has the socket but not the sensor) then the fans in the Mac will run full speed after a while, as the iMac realizes that it is not able to read the temperature of the drive, and turns the fans up to full speed just in case.

Amongst others these are:

iMac EMC 2374  EMC 2389

iMac10,1 (Late 2009) 21.5 inch


iMac11,2 (Mid 2010) 20 inch

Older iMacs have a type-1 sensor that is stuck onto the outside of the drive and that can be transplanted to the new drive.

Newer iMacs have a digital sensor whose connections are integrated into the SATA power plug. You can recognize those by the SATA power plug having more than 4 wires running to it.

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