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iMac 21.5-Inch Mid 2019


A2116 emc3195

To open the Mac you cut the tape holding the screen down as Apple decided to glue the screen in...

The ROM is a WSON-8 chip 5x6mm (128Mbit Macronix 25Q128).

The ROM in on the top (easy to reach) side of the motherboard.

The SPI connector is a Hirose-12 but is not mounted by Apple.

The board number is om the middle of the left edge, near the SPI ROM.

Medusa: Mount SPI connector. Use A4160 with arrow to ??? (direction of ???). Reading works on loose motherboard. Because the ROM is 128Mbit you need the Medusa 128Mbit Edition.

Blank ROM chips and SPI connectors are available from us.