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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

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CMIzapper Medusa 2

The Medusa 2 uses our EasyFlash adapters to plug into the 'LPC+SPI Connector' (J6100) of the Mac motherboard.

CMIzapper Medusa 2 (for Macs with Hirose-12 or Hirose-30 connector)

Works on: A1398 (from Late 2013 onwards) A1425, A1465, A1466, A1502.

Unlock your mac, no matter what the code, in minutes.

Price 195 euro including shipping world wide.

Includes A4040, A4060 and A4052 EasyFlash adapters.

Click here for more information on the Medusa 2.

CMIzapper Medusa

The Medusa is our line of tools to play with the EFI ROM. The tool you need when repairing boards and you want to see the serial number or the firmware version without putting the board in a Mac or when you forgot your EFI PIN and locked yourself out of your Mac.

Supports pretty much all Mac models with Intel CPU except 2018 and later with T2 chip. The Medusa-2 is adapted to models with a SPI connector. The Medusa-3 is geared towards models with a SOIC ROM chip.

It is incredibly easy to use. The built in LCD display will show you what is going on.

1) Display info from the EFI ROM:

ROM chip model, ROM chip size, Mac Firmware version, ME version, EFI lock state, Mac serial Number, production date and time.

2) Unlock the Mac

3) Copy the ROM to and from the Mac

4) Clean the ME region in the Mac ROM

5) Set the QE enable bit in Winbond chips, so that they will work in a Mac.

6) Turn off external GPU

CMIzapper Medusa 3

The Medusa 3 uses a Pomoma clip to clip directly onto a SOIC/SOP ROM chip.

Does everything the Medusa 2 does but also supports a Pomona clip to clip onto SOP8 ROM chips of the motherboard. The big magic is that you can clip onto the ROM either way round. If you clip on the 'wrong' way round the Medusa will notice and adjust and work just the same!

Unlock your mac, no matter what the code, in minutes.

Price 325 euro including shipping world wide.

Includes A4140, A4160 and A4052 EasyFlash adapters.

Includes Pomona clip and matching Dupont style cable.

Click here for more information on the Medusa 3.