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CMIzapper  Technology for your Mac repair business

SPI Activity Monitor

The Chipmunk SPI Monitor is a small tool that makes the life of the repair technician a little bit easier.

The SPI Activity Monitor is a little board that plugs into the SPI connector of those Macs that have one (MacBook Air & MacBook Pro 'retina'). The SPI-Clock signal is divided by a 12-bit counter and the result is displayed on 12 LEDs. When repairing a motherboard it is nice to know if the EFI-ROM got read. With this tool it is much easier to know if the PCH is running for example.

This board plugs into the LPC+SPI connector (J6100) of the motherboard of a MacBook air or 'retina'. With 12 LEDs it shows the activity on the SPI bus.

This version has the Hirose-30 connector for boards: 820-3208, 820-3209, 820-3435, 820-3437, 820-3462, 820-3476, 820-3536, 820-3662, 820-3787.


The Chipmunk SPI Monitor costs 80 EURO including shipping world wide.

The version has a Hirose-30 pin connector to plug into the motherboard.